FBR’s Initiatives for Facilitation

  1. Total 5 steps were involved for payment of taxes including the visit of taxpayer to NBP or SBP.
  2. 05 steps were involved for payment of taxes including the visit of taxpayer to NBP or SBP.
  3. Total time for such payment was approximately 08 hours. Starting from preparation of PSID to the availability of CPR
  4. time reduced to 05 minutes
  5. Quality Index 100%

  1. Total 8 processes were involved for registration of company from registration of Directors to registration of company
  2. Total time for such registration reduced from 8 hours to 01 minute
  3. Quality Index-100

Other Initiatives – Ease of doing business 

✔  Provision of ATL Facility to AJK Government
✔  RIMS – Restaurant Invoice Management System
✔  Publishing of Tax Directories 1- Tax Payers’ 2- Parliamentarians’
✔  Predictive Analytics, Data Science initiatives
✔  Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
✔  Simplified Income Tax Return for Salaried individuals
✔  Sales Tax Return in Off-Line Mode through Iris-IDX
✔  Income Tax Return in Off-Line Mode as well as bulk filing Iris-ADX
✔  Online Active Taxpayers List Income Tax and Sales Tax
✔  Sales Tax Real time Invoice Verification System (STRIVe)
✔  Online Registration of Taxpayers
✔  WebOC (Online Automated Customs Processes) 
✔  Automation of Income Tax Business Processes - Iris Module  
✔  Online Sales Tax Refund Payments
✔  Online Modification of Registration
✔  Online Return Filing System
✔  Online Filing of Exemption Certificates
✔  Online Application for Refunds
✔  Online Receipt of Notices/ Correspondence
✔  Online Applications for Adjournment etc.
✔  Online Verification System for Notices /Orders Exemption Certificates
✔  Online List Of Black Listed Taxpayers (Sales Tax)
✔  Online Verification Of Tax Payments
✔  Online Verification Of Rebate Status (Customs)
✔  Online Reporting For Import/ Export By Commodity
✔  Online Verification Of Import General Manifest
✔  Online System for Export General Manifest
✔  Knowledge base portal